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2019-05-26 19:49:00

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Enjoy this interview of the talented, creative, ambitious, and upcoming entrepreneur Darea West.

First please introduce yourself and give the readers a background of who you are.

Hi, my name is Darea West. I’m a transfer student at Towson University studying psychology.

What age did you find your passion for art?

I’ve never had a passion for art. Creating pieces is hard but the artwork I produce has improved over time. I promise it used to look like a 5-year-old stole someone’s art supplies and had a free for all. I first took painting seriously when I was 16 because I saw it as a way out and realized I could take it farther in life. I paint to support myself along with all the other freelancing I partake in along the way.

What does your artwork mean to you? Do you try to send any messages with your art or is it just self-expression??Bart Simpson With The Added Swag!

My paintings don’t hold significant value from how they look but the time and energy placed into it. Painting helps take out my aggressions which you may be able to notice when paying attention to harsh stroke lines or an array of black and red paint mixed which I tend to do when I’m angry. Other than that, I just paint what sells.

Do you have any favorite art pieces or ones that have a story behind them that people may not know?The Ariel Piece she mentions!

I once stayed up for 48 hours straight stroking strands of hair on an Ariel piece. I only stayed up that long because there was something on my mind and I couldn’t sleep. The piece meant so much to me and was hard to let go of after a few years because I associate the painting with what I was going through at the time. I also tend to hold onto original pieces longer if I cross a milestone like learning a new technique for the first time. If I notice my skills have improved a little more on a piece, it’s an accomplishment to me.

Where do you see yourself as an artist in the next 5 years?

I have no idea where I will be in a few years. There have been many opportunities for me to showcase my work in opening art museums or youth conventions but I never went through with any. Hopefully, my pieces will sell for higher prices, or my works will become more known to others.

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I see you also have your own clothing line can you tell the readers how you got into that and how did you come up with the name?Zero Gravity Apparel

I love selling things, I have many side business and always wanted to try clothing. Designing clothes is hard so I take my time because I am familiar with a lot of business strategies which I can’t reveal. It was just another creation of mine to produce income but I want authentic pieces and don’t want everyone generically wearing the same thing so I only sell a few copies and make the price higher for the benefit of my consumers. I came up with the name “Zer0 Gravity” because it is a sports brand so it is meant to feel weightless. The first design incorporated a reflective design where only the “0” is reflective because “Only zeros appear visible” when you wear my clothes. It is meant for everyone to feel accepted. I don’t know when I will release more items but they are in the works, I love to tease the crowd a bit.

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How hard is it to be an entrepreneur overall? For someone who wants to start what advice would you give them?

Business is hard!!! I took about 3 months off just to relieve pressure off myself for a while. I never give myself a break and I needed the time off. Doors continue to open the more you do so opportunities are always waiting at each new level. People can feel for good character and the integrity of your brand is everything. Be good and humble in all you do.

Last but not least please give any shoutouts & tell the readers where they can purchase your artwork & clothes!!!!

Great shoutout to Justyn Ward (“JU$T CNT” check him out on apple music and instagram)! Through all the bumps in the road, he has been one of my greatest supporters and has encouraged me to always keep pushing even when things get hard.

My artwork and clothing can be seen on Instagram at @DarayArts and @zga3_ . Twitter: @ItsDaray, Instagram: Its.Daray . Feel free to contact me!

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